Habakkuk 2:2

And the Lord answered me, and said, Write the vision and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it.

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Here you’ll find written words of inspiration, encouragement, helpful tips for job seekers, and real life stories of our journey through our blog.


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Here’s what you’ll find on Written Xpressions

Pastor Aurea Lewis welcomes you to Written Xpressions! This site contains written words of inspiration, encouragement, helpful tips for job seekers, and real life stories of our journey through our blog. In addition, hear what the Lord has to say every Monday, Wednesday and Friday as we bring you the Written Xpressions of the week. Further more stay up to date on Aurea’s latest book releases and speaking events around the globe! Everyone needs a little encouragement, for this reason Written Xpressions is here! Let’s walk hand in hand on this journey and gather the bits the Lord has dropped for each of us!

Inspiration and Encouragement

Inspiration and encouragement, as we all can agree, motivates us to take action. You can think of me as the girl next door. A realist who’s empathetic with a lack of pretense. One you can trust to share personal testimonies of what I’ve been through. I have lived through depression and low self-worth. I’ve been told that I’m an open book and to view that as a bad thing. But I believe we should not give the enemy any opportunity to use our bad experiences against us, so I share. I’m a minister who holds herself accountable to God’s word, living a life of integrity.


  • To write because I have a passion to express my views in written form.
  • Heartfelt and soulful writing to show other women/men that they too can be set free and delivered to live a life that pleases God.
  • Be transparent in my writing, because only when you’re truly honest divine healing can take place.
  • I desire for women to know that they can receive deliverance from sexual impurity, low self-esteem, low self-worth, and feelings of loneliness, depression, verbal, physical and emotional abuse.
  • Escape from bondage through written xpressions. Once I began to write my feelings down, I began to feel a sense of freedom. The more I write, the more I transform into the woman God has called me to be.


Today’s Written Xpression

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday Today’s Written Xpressions are posted for job seekers. Knowing first hand the frustrations involved with the job hunt as well as having a support system, are the reasons for these words of encouragement. People were there to encourage me, so likewise I want to pay it forward through Today’s Written Xpressions.

Book Releases and Speaking Engagements

Author of “The 40 Day Wilderness Fast”, freelance writer, Pastor, and owner of Written Xpressions LLC, Aurea’s passion is to minister the word of God in simplicity. She is Assistant Pastor to Pastors Michael and Tina Honore of The Father’s House Ministry, in Lake Charles, LA. Aurea loves to speak to young women encouraging them to live a life pleasing to God. By sharing her own personal experiences others will learn that God is no respecter of persons. If He can do it for her, He certainly can do it for you.